Display Materials


Hello all
I am new and just getting started with collecting/displaying cartridges. I would like to design a display but am unsure about which material may interact or harm the brass over time. Does anyone have any suggestions or a list of reactive/inert materials? Be they plastic, wood, or anything else.


Teroenza–First, let me welcome you to the hobby. Next, I suggest you go to the IAA home page and become a member. It will be the best money you can spend on your collection.

As for what materails to use or don’t use. The problems are more about the exposed lead than the brass cases. Certain woods, especially oak should be avoided as the tannins in oak cause the lead to oxidize and turn to a white powder.

See the thread lower down on the forum page headed BEST WAY TO HOUSE A COLLECTION OF SMALL ARMS AMMO for more information.

Also, on the IAA home page, scroll down on the left side to the section headed A Guide to Ammunition Collecting
for beginners and advanced collectors. Here you will find a lot of good information.


Josh - I presume you’re still working toward that display for your grandfather which you discussed on the Accurate Reloading forum?

Perhaps a shadow box would work for you? Sufficient cotton bating to keep the specimens in place and a glass top to display them? See the section about cleaning / preserving specimens in the left hand column of the IAA home page for some ideas of how to protect them.

Good luck!



Yes I am working on a display for my grandfather. Thank you all for the information. I will edit this post if come up with any ideas.