Displaying / Storing Cartridge Boxes

We have had various threads over the years talking about storing or displaying cartridges, but they never really touched on cartridge boxes too much.

How do you guys store or display cartridge boxes?

Here is what I currently do:

I like the layout.

The flatfile drawers are the way to go. The 5-drawer units with the roughly 2.25" deep drawers will work for 99% of the non-shotshell cartridge boxes out there.

They are easy to find on Craigslist or Ebay (listed as flat file drawers, blueprint drawers, or drafting drawers) but you have to shop around and bide your time until one comes along for $200 or less (it eventually does), as some people ask prices upwards up $500 a piece for even the banged-up used ones. Below are two versions of the drawers I have, one pair being a reasonable 15" high, 28" deep, and 41" wide, while the other 2 massive drawers are a ridiculous 16.5 tall, 41.5 deep, and 53" wide. I would normally avoid drawers as large as the second pair, but I bought them for $300 total for both and just cleaned, spray-painted & lubed - like new again! One should try to purchase the locking type of drawers, or the drawers that will accept the lock upgrade kit as most of the SAFCO brand will, and also drawers with card-label holders on the drawer center. I build little wooden stands out of 2x4’s and plywood as platforms to raise them up.

I find that only the shotshell boxes, or oddball boxes from Buffalo Bore and a few others need to go into some plastic drawer units which I buy at Walmart for cheap.

One problem with lots of boxes of course is the heavy, heavy weight that can build up in 5 drawers full of full cartridge boxes. To solve this I empty all but a few cartridges out of every box, and put the loose rds in 40-drawer organizers bought from Harbor Freight, and some other 12-drawer organizers bought from a clearance sale at a local hardware store. This gives me quick access for people who want to buy 1-each of 30 different cartridges from me, and avoids me having to constantly assault my box end-flaps to open them all the time.

Great looking collections - love the old boxes with their revolver counterparts.

Thanks for sharing.

I was lucky enough to find a steel dental tool cabinet years ago. Two brother dentists retired and sold all their office equipment. Drawers have rollers and releasable stops. Even had several dental tools and some strips of filling material they did not remove! Cabinet has 10 drawers. Drawers are progressively deeper as they go down. Top 5 are 1 3/4" deep. Lowest is 7". Built some lift out shelves for the deeper ones that have several layers of boxes. Not as handy as map cabinets but works for me. Can’t complain for 50 bucks.