DK handgranetes

For whose who like handgranates here are a picture of Danish pre WW2 handgranates:

And rifle grenades…

What an awesame board! Thank you for sharing!

I agree with EOD… Totally awsome board! Thank you for sharing!

Is this an actual picture in a museum?

yes it is from Tøjhusmuseet

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What a shame. It was not accessible to the public when I was there some years back.

The m/23 with fragmentation sleeve excist in various variations.
I have had 3 different.

  1. Grey/green fragmentation sleeve dated 1943
  2. Grey/silver fragmentation sleeve dated 1942
  3. Dark grey with yellow band near the top and a “23” stencilled in black center of the body dated 1952

Nice grenade collection, particularly (for me) the German WW1 items!

I had the privilege of visiting the Tøhusmuseet in Copenhagen in 1972. It is worth a trip to Denmark to see! I had already worked in retail gun sales for some time when we took that first trip to Europe. In my life, I think I had seen about two wheellock firearms (old originals, I mean). At the museum, they had racks of them up on the second floor. I am sure that we didn’t see all of the museum and what we did see was mind-boggling. A much smaller place, but interesting and worth a side trip for anyone visiting the Tøjhusmuseet, if it still exists, was a little museum dedicated to the Danish Resistance during WWII - groups like Holgar Dansk (forgive me, my Danish friends, if I spelled that wrong). The most interesting things there for me were basement-made Sten guns, supplementing those that the British snuck into the resistence groups. No matter what the odds, I learned, you cannot keep a good and determined people down.