DK's finds - Nebelwerfer-41 rocket 15cm

I assume that the Nebelwerfer projectiles with inside parts are not often seen? This one is in dug condition, but it looks ok, and has parts included. Many photos:

The guy misspelled “Nebelwerfer” with a U, so maybe nobody looking for these has found it yet. There are some numbers on the base, and on the inside black piece.

Here’s the launcher (I think) from the back view. (And in color!)


How were the rounds triggered on this launcher?


The rockets were electrically ignited by the hooked devices that are in the breach of the tubes. They swing out of the way for loading and also keep the rocket in place when the launcher is elevated to high angles. An interesting feature of the rocket is that the propellant is located in the nose portion.


Here’s some info on this launcher which I have posted as a captured-image because the document was a pdf read-only file. (click it to read clearly)

This one looks like one of those which were recovered in Poland some time ago (a truckload or two).

The warhead is missing and it is a mystery to me what costs 350$ in this condition.

Dave the rockets were located in position by special folding hooks. Look here: … erfers.jpg


You are very correct regarding retaining the rockets. My sloppy combination of features. To make up for my errors, here’s a shot of it’s next door neighbor at APG. I think this is the 21cm?

Also this one to get some ammunition in there… (Maybe the 28/32cm?)


Edited to add photo.

Thanks for the explanation of the operation of the Nebelwerfer. Was there a handheld control box connected to it by a cable which would be used to fire it?


Yes there was a hand held device to fire them, good video of it here.


Thanks for posting that, interesting video.