DM & DWM markings

I know that the marking DM (Deutsche Metallpatronenfabrik, Karlsruhe/Berlin, Germany) continued to be used for several years after the firm became DWM (Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken). Does anyone know when it was last used? When did the markings DWuM and DWM first appear?

I cannot answer this for sure but as a starting point I know that the “DM” hs was used:
On military (8x57) until at least 1918.
On sporting until at least 1903.


I think they used both head stamps on the same time. Don

Did not DWM use the DM marking on chargers beyond 1918? I’ve seen Finnish-produced 7.62m/m Russian rimmed cartridges made in the 1930s that were loaded in DM-marked chargers seemingly of current or near-current manufacture. JG

I think what Dutch said is probably correct. Both types seem to have been used at the same time.
Here are some 7.9mm charger examples:

Early type with flat top and square edges with 2 spring holes

Later type with rounded edges on top with 2 spring holes

Late type without the two spring holes

Does anyone have an original box that contains any of these chargers?
If so, can you post a picture of the label and headstamp?