Do I have anything odd or interesting in these shells?

Do these shells have any value?

1st is a Peters Victor Shell. Reddish orange paper hull, hstp: Peters at 12:00, 12 at 3:00, Victor at 6:00, and MADE IN USA at 9:00, so, Peters Victor, 12 (gauge), MADE IN USA. There is a stylized P around the primer.

2nd is a shell from an unknown company. Red paper hull, hstp: American at 12:00, 12 at 3:00, Eagle at 6:00, and No. at 9:00, so, American Eagle, No. 12. Top wad marked Maximum or Magnum (Smudged) load, with a 6 in the middle.

3rd is a fairly modern Federal game load. Hstp is 12 (Partridge) GA/ MADE IN U.S.A

4th is a Winchester Super Speed shell. Orange/brownish paper hull marked SHORT SHOT STRING/ (The Winchester Super Speed logo)/ LONG RANGE LOAD and around the top, it is marked UNITED STATES PATENT NO. 1,757,584. Hstp. is WINCHESTER with MADE IN USA below it in really small font at 12:00. Then, No. 12 at 6 and 3:00. Finally, SUPER SPEED at 6:00. Top wad marked 2c.

5th is similar to above. Hull is the same, but with the Super X logo instead or Super Speed. Hstp. is the same, except it says WESTERN instead of WINCHESTER and SUPER X instead of SUPER SPEED. Top wad marked 6c.

Thanks in advance.

Your 4th shotshell sounds interesting - with the patent number.

Your patent number corresponds to the following patent, invented by John M. Olin, filed on Oct. 6, 1923, and issued May 6th, 1930:


all quite common, keep them as a good start to a shot shell collection.

Bummer. Oh well. I only paid 3 bucks for these plus a few more common ones.

The longer you collect, the more often you’ll be using the word “bummer”. But don’t let it deter you. For every $10 bag of loose cartridges that contains nothing more than $5 worth of junk, you’ll hopefully find one that has a gem or two in it. Many of us get some of our best cartridges that way.


Indeed Ray. I remember somebody on this forum bought a $6 bag of shotgun shells and found that $250 Red Devil.