Do i have m39b markes as m41

i bought some m41 danish 9mm rds. after doing a little research now im wondering if they are m39b. they are in 50 rd boxes not the normal 36ct

Normally when labeled M41 they should be exactly it.

Show us the box and the hs or just pull one down and cut it open.

What is the headstamp on your Danish 9 mm rounds? I ask this, because the only Danish 36-round box I have in my collection is actually Swedish ammunition, with the normal red seals denoting the m/39B loading, in standard Swedish 36 round stripper clip for the K’pist. 45. This box dates from 1980, as does the cartridge in it, and is from Arsenal 070 in Sweden. The caliber is written as “9 MM SKPT M/41,” and may simply be that “M/41” was the only designation used for ball-type ammunition, ignoring the penetrative qualities of the thicker-jacketed m/39B Swedish round. Even Sweden continued to describe the round as m/39B, simply adding a “B” to the designation for their normal ball ammunition.

While Sweden used much ammunition of this caliber packed in 50-round boxes, the 36-round box is much more the “norm” for Sweden than for Denmark, and again, although I have a box marked from the Military Materiel Command (HMAK) for the 36-round K-Pist. clips, it is Swedish made ammo on contract for Denmark. There may be other instances of this box being used by Denmark, but it is the only one I have seen, and certainly, the norm for that country was 48 and 50 round boxes. .

A rendition of what the box label says (all of the print on the top label) and a description of the cartridge (bullet-jacket material, headstamp, color of primer and case mouth seals, etc) would probably allow an accurate identification of the load itself. As EOD said, sectioning a bullet would likely tell as well, since the jacket at the nose of the m/39B Swedish cartridge is much thicker than on normal Swedish m/39 ammunition, or Danish M/41 cartridges.

John Moss

I mention this because you indicate that the “normal box” is 36 rounds. Actually, Danish 9 mm boxes are usually either 50-round, or 48 round. My earliest box is from 1941, and is 50-round. In the 1960s, the norm in Denmark seems to have been a 48 round box. I have several variants of that. After that, the norm is again 50-round boxes.

The 50rd boxes of M/41 are actual Danish lead-core ball, standard stuff. The M/39B usually only ever came in the 36rd trapezoid boxes on the big multi-channel stripper clip. Sweden exported these to Denmark and marked those boxes as “M/41” which causes confusion, but the packaging is the giveaway. It is talked about in the thread here: Swedish M/39B repacked as Danish M41?
and also shown below.

Danish standard 50rd box of typical 9mm ball:

Swedish-made M/39B with alternate “M41” printing on box for Denmark:

DK - the box you show is identical to mine. Even the same lot number.

John M.