Do original pinfire cartridge manufacturing tools exist?

Do any original antique cartridge manufacturing tools manufacturers would have used to make pinfire cartridges still exist anywhere?

How about pictures of them even?

Also what about any pinfire bullet moulds?

I know there are tons of pinfire shotshell reloading tools around but I am looking for stuff used for metallic cartridges.

I don’t know about original items. But there are reloading tools out there for metallic cartridge cases…

The cases certainly are still available new, Henry Krank sells them. Whether they were produced on the old machinery of not I don’t know.

I don’t know about bullet moulds but if anyone makes moulds today my first guess would be Cast Bullet Engineering in Australia

I’m not looking to make them, I just want them for the historic and research aspect.

I do have the kit from hlebooks though. They are actually just a reseller for I have their 12mm and 7mm pinfire kit and have shot a few of my guns. It works really well.