Do you write on your cartridges?

As a beginning collector, I scoured through the Guide to Ammunition Collecting that I received in the mail today. I read through the part about cartridge cleaning and care, specifically the labeling portion.

How many of you write on the cartridge itself? I have a couple of the recommended Pilot SCA-UF permanent markers and personally think it is an acceptable practice as long as no damage will occur to the cartridge. The markings can always be cleaned off.

I find that it might be easier to look at the markings written on the side of the case rather than turning most cartridges up to look at the headstamp.

Anyway, do you personally recommend or prefer to write on/label your cartridges with marking pens or not?

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I personally do not write on my cartridges but that’s just my personal preference. There’s certainly nothing wrong with doing so, especially if you use one of the Pilot SCA-UF markers you mentioned since they shouldn’t damage the case.

I almost always clean markings off everything I acquire, the only exception being if the marking indicates something that is not obvious from looking at the item. An example of this would be a note that a cartridge is from a reference or pilot lot.

My only real pet peeves are when I find items that have been marked with permanent markers that damage the brass, or when they have labels stuck on with cellophane tape.

I also do not write on my cartridges.

Thats the way I do:


writting on cartridges could damage the case finish expecialy if the case is coated
i had a czo 12.7x108 and bxn 7.62x45 with lacquer damaged due to writing on lacquer

for manuel ,good idea for clear identifying cartridges

I have listed all my cartridges with photos and descriptions in my collectors software. But when I’m watching my collection or wanna show s.b. a cartridge its better to have some informations at the cartridge.