Docs: "Die Munition der Beutegeschuetze und Werfer" 1943


Here two German manuals on captured artillery ammunition:

D435-2a & 2b
"Die Munition der Beutegeschuetze und Werfer" 1943

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Thank you very much, great manuals. I have converted them as pdf files.
I noticed some “anlage” are missing. Was this also in the original print?
Nevertheless good information , thanks again !


Western, as for possibly missing parts I can not say much. The document is as I got it, sorry.


EOD, thanks for sharing. I have seen that there’s no mention to the 2,5 cm Pak 113(f) gun (the french Hotchkiss-Puteaux model 37 S.A.-L antitank gun). Just goes to show that the german army didn’t want it and was all but eager to sell these guns to Spain in 1943.