Does 6,5x55 noise blanks exist?


A now deceased chairman of a local rifle club wants to have a salute at his funeral service and we are scratching our heads…
Normal swedish blanks have a wooden bullet, which is out of the question since it is on a cemetary in a suburban neighborhood. empty cases with a heavy roll crimp does not feed properly in a rebarrelled Mauser action, half the time they catch on something on the way to the chamber. Something like the US M82 blank for the M60 Machinegun could be the answer, but how to make a case longer…
Any advice?
If this contravenes the reloading ban, please delete the post.


Didn’t someone here recently suggest using empty gelatin medicine capsules to allow better feeding? Of course, that would require a capsule of a proper diameter, and maybe a touch of Super Glue to keep the capsule in place. I’d think black powder would have to be used unless there is a supply of blank fire powder available.

Might also consider running a .30-'06 (or .270, .25-'06, etc) casing through a 6.5X55 FL sizing die to get a longer nose, then sizing just the nose down part way in a .25 or 6mm die to chamber. That should work OK for blank use. .30-'06 case head diameter is a little less than 6.5X55mm, but that’s of no concern.


Have tried that but the case buckles just under the shoulder, before it gets down to size. Probably because it runs out of space for the neck.


I wouldn’t think that wood bullets fired into the air would create any danger.
Could the wood be removed and rolled paper be substituted?


DO NOT anneal brass before resizing. Use 30-06 brass, bring back the shoulder with .308 dies to just above the shoulder length you want in three careful strokes each case. Lots of lube. Taper the shoulder in an 8x57 or 7 x 57 die for correct shape. Reduce neck diameter in 7 x 57 or 7mm-08 die to length required. Set shoulder and reduce neck in 6.5 x 55 die. See if you can reduce neck with 6mm Rem or 243 die to fit in freebore area. Use powder from 7.62 x 39 or similar. Chinese powder will make good flash! If not enough pressure then fill neck with SMALL amount of RTV silicon rubber. Make sure they fit freely in the chambers of all guns to be used on the day beforehand.
Sorry about the reloading references, I think that honouring a late friend’s last wishes is important.
Med Venlig Hilsen


I have made hundreds of 6.5X55 cases from .30-'06 and .270 brass with no unusual problems by just running them through a 6.5X55 FL die, and nothing else. Occasionally, I have produced shoulders with fold depressions, but those hurt nothing as they do not hamper chambering. I do not anneal the case necks until after forming, but even that would not be needed for blanks. It may be your case lubricant, I normally use STP motor oil additive, but I think I have used other commercial case lubes. Some brass brands may work better than others, I don’t know.

Just to see how it works, I made up such a case, starting with a .30-'06 Lake City Match case, with a single pass through the 6.5X55 FL die. See picture. I had to do the final neck forming using a .22 neck size die, as a 6mm die leaves the case mouth at about .270 OD, which may be slightly too large to chamber. I tried this one in my Model 96 Swede, and it fed from the magazine into the chamber with no problem at all. Sorry photo is not better, but it illustrates the appearance.


Find someone with .30-06 caliber rifles instead of the 6.5x 55 Swedes and borrow those. I will send you some .30-06 blanks if you need them.


I concur with most of the advice given above.

Full length size once fired 30/06 cases in a 6,5 Swede die, and you may use a .308 die as an intermediate step. (not absolutely necessary.)

Finally to size down the “Bullet” shape to fit the 6,5 Throat in a 243 Win die.

Use STP Engine additive (sparingly) as Lube (We use this all the time for thousands of Blanks of all calibres)

Load with a Shotgun or Fast Pistol Powder ( 10 grains.)

Wad with some toilet paper.

If you wish to taper the mouth of the “projectile” use a 22/250 die; otherwise it should feed even with the .243 diameter necking die.

If you use Single flash cases, they can of course be Hand-reloaded.

Doc AV

PS, the 10 grns is purely a Safety level indication.


Have you tried using the wooden bullets with the bullet shredder that attaches to the end of the muzzle? The wooden bullets were not to be used without it.


The type of rifle to be used, a Schultz and Larsen target rifle model 69, does not have any provision for a shredder. Now if we could have used Garands, no problem at all.


The first test was with 12 grains of Rhino NC1066 a somewhat slow pistol powder* and without any wadding inside the case, only a shellacked cardboard disc to hold things in: The primer went off, nothing else. Might as well have used a cap gun…
Second test was with the same powder, but with cotton wool stuffed into the case and the same cardboard disc. Louder bang now, High Velocity .22-ish, i.e. the powder burned. Small amount of unburned powder grains left in the mouth of the case. Lots of wool in the air :-)
Third test tomorrow will be with 15 grains of N310, cotton wool and disc.

*approx. N330.


Do you have any loaded blank rounds available you could get blank fire powder from? I don’t have any idea of powders available in Denmark, but something like Red Dot, Bullseye, Clays, etc. which are fast pistol/shotgun powders might work. If you have light 12 Gauge shotshells, such as would be used for trap or skeet shooting, you might cut some open to try that powder, as it would be equivalent to those mentioned. Black powder would almost certainly work OK if you can get it, is just dirty and smoky. Might also want to try stuffing something a little firmer into the case mouth such as cork or styrofoam.

What case are you using?


[quote=“jonnyc”]I wouldn’t think that wood bullets fired into the air would create any danger.
I would concur with this, wooden blanks fired into the air will come down safely. As long as the Honor guard load the rifles at the “present arms” 45 degree across the chest and don’t bring them down.


Thanks for all the advice. This is what worked today: 15 grains of Vihtavuori N310 behind a “wadding” of firmly stuffed cotton wool and that thin cardboard disc held with shellack at the bottom of the neck.
Norma cases, Winchester WLR primers. Roll crimp to aid in loading the rifles. About 70% combustion of the wool, .357 -ish bang.

A one-off test load was tried: 20 grains of N310 and now we are in Hollywood territory: Loud 7,62x54R in an M44 style bang, total combustion of wool, 50 cm of muzzle flash, visible in daylight against the sky…