Does anyone collect powder tins?

I am sorting out a box of reloading bits I was given when a friend died a few years back. In it, among other things are some old Nobel powder tins from around 70s. The powder seems OK but realistically I will never use it so there is no point hanging on to them. If anyone wants the empty cans shout otherwise they will go to the dump. Obviously I don’t want anything for them

A friend of mine would be interested to them


Tins are a collecting specialty in IAA (#65). So, if Pivi’s friend can’t work a deal with you, you should be able to find someone who wants them, especially at that price.

And BTW, the 1970s isn’t old! ;-)


Pivi, yes by all means, if your friend wants them.

Ray, I know its not old but I don’t want to consign them to the dump and I have been saving the powder for a rainy day or a shortage but I don’t do plinking loads anymore, everything I do these days is Sunday best.

A friend of mine specialises in dealing old shotshell reloading gear and he picks up tons of old powder which is thrown in. Maybe I should speak to him about the tins.

Vince, thanks
I will call him today and let you know later by PM