Does Anyone Have A clue What's Going On Here?

I was on a DE in the 'Nam. We sailed with the Midway many times. I have photo’s of the open 5"/54 gun on the starboard side of the bow.
My gun was the Mk42 Mod 9 rapid fire '54. We could get off over 40 rounds a minute ( slowed down from 60 RPM. ) the gun was accurate and dependable at a cost of many hours of maintenance. We could and did hit a 3 foot target at 16,000 yards. Today that is not good enough. My last gun could hit a 1/2 “cable at 5 miles.
The early VT fuzes 50’s-60’s were too sensitive to reflected energy. You were not to shoot them in rain. We too saw what you did. The fuzes would explode at varying distances. We found that the fuzes were firing when they saw shrapnel flying towards them. from the first few shells exploding. When fired from a rapid firing gun such as the 5”/54 Mk 42 series or the last version of the 3"/50 duel barreled mount, it was very common to see a line of shells exploding going BACK to the gun! I did it in 1978 at gun school in Dam Neck,VA.By the time we called cease fire! there were at least 10 rounds in the air and they were exploding as close as 200 yards away. Scary.
The later fuzes were of a different frequency and the beam was tighter from the antenna. The later fuzes were VTSD and VTNSD ( self destruct and non-self destruct ) in the late 70’s and into the 80’s the wizz-bang fuze was VTIR( Variable Time,Infrared) A very expensive fuze and shell. The fuze was RADAR and Heat. It would fire if it saw very cold air in a small area (jet intake) or very hot small area ( jet exhaust) as well as RADAR return. It had a larger cavity for explosive, Compound-B. It cost 3,500 bucks each. We hardly ever fired these rounds. Just too expensive to plink with. It was a War Round.
As you stated VTFRAG and Anti-Aircraft Common (AAC)mechanical time fuze, were shot more than anything else in combatand anti-air training.

WOW! It would take years of research at a library to learn what you just explained in a few paragraphs! There are very few I admire more then those that Serve our Country and I thank you all. AMAZING information that is beyond fascinating to hear about from those that experienced it first hand. Blown away (pun intended). I am going to re-read the above one more time. Thank you guys.