Does anyone have any information on 22 tear gas cartridge?

I have a small, sealed plastic container 5/8ths of an inch in height, and 1 inch in diameter. The container is marked: " 10-22TG. Fla. Firearms Corp.,
Made in Germany. Irritant explosive charge." Dispite all of the information
marked on the container however, I have been unable to find anything further. Can anyone help me with this? Are these things even legal?


I have some packed as you describe, and they are made by RWS in Germany. I also have another, matchbox style box which holds fifty, with the same RWS/Dynamit Nobel acorn headstamp. They are not rare, and most .22 collectors have them in their collections. Just how well they would work for their intended purpose, I do not know – but I would be concerned that they would be of too little real value in that role. Who knows? Maybe the bang accompanied by a small dose of irritant would be enough to scare away an uncommitted miscreant. Hope this helps.

Legal in some states, illegal in others. Definitely illegal in California - of course most everything is.

Of course as a visitor of your country I have keep me on local laws.
By visiting the St. Louis show it is a little complicated.
European visitors must try to find out a lot of things.
There are many way

Dutch - in the context that you would have them, .22 ammunition with lead bullets are NOT illegal in Claifornia. Only for hunting in the areas prohbited because of Condors.

Now, think about the chances that a California Condor, a fairly rare bird, will swope down on the carcass of an animal shot with a lead bullet and ingest that lead while eating the animal. You have more chance of drowning in the middle of the Sahara desert than of that happening. For this they inconvenience tens of thousands of shooters and hunters and are willing to arrest people and put them in jail. Meanwhile, I read this morning that our Governor is thinking about letting 22,000 inmates out of California prisons early so that it will save money and he can balance the budget in this Socialist state where the middle class works hard so they can support those too lazy to work with taxes.

Unfortunately, as with most government, in Caifornia the insane people are in charge of the asylum.

Back to the subject - I haven’t heard of any difficulties with customs for collectors who have an invitation to an event (St. Louis Cartridge show, a shooting match, etc.), or a non-resident hunting license, having much trouble with customs. Some ignorant TPA or whatever they call them - anyone else sick of Government acronyms?-officials did forceably open a collectors suitcase which was sealed with TPA tape showing the goods had been inspected and passed, ruining his suitcase. Then, when the ammo cans had TPA tape on them, they didn’t even bother to pen them. It was satisfying enough to them, I guess, that they ruined a $200.00 suitcase. This is not a tall tale - I saw the suitcase of my friend at St. Louis after these Government morons got through with it.

You are right though. You must think of the United States as almost a continent made up of different countries. It is a big country, and like European countries, when you cross a border from one state to another (in Europe from one country to another), you have no guarantee that the laws are the same in each one. Americans with ammo have the same fears in Europe. Corss the border from Switzerland into Italy after a nice cartridge show there, and you may end up in prison for several years, for example. There are others - I am not picking on Italy, a country that I like very, very much, and have been to more often than any other European place. But, I don’t take ammunition there!

The 6mm Tear Gas cartridges also come in various perfume
odors. I have shot some of the perfume rounds and they put out enough “smell” to be noticed in a closed room for about 5 minutes. I would guess the “Ter Gas” loads would be about the same.

I would like to tell you that some people in Italy was arrested because they had a single,fired 9 mm Para case with Nato symbol at home.And now the situation is going to became more hard too for gun and ammo owners…


There was both tear gas and perfume rounds. The perfume was pre air deodorents. After the cigars a couple of 22 perfume cartridges were fired to cover up the odor. They came in 5 or 6 fragrences.