Does anyone know the origin of this bullet? (5.56x45mm, Chinese Factory 71)

I was given some 5.56x45 bullets (62gr, used for Tavor rifles) by a friend of the Vietnamese navy (currently discharged). headstamp above 71, below 10. although headstamp is 71 but I know it is not made by China (Vietnam has not imported Chinese weapons for the past 45 years), does anyone know which country makes This bullet?

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I am sorry to say but everything on this cartridge is Chinese.
Just that I have not seen a 2010 date.

Or somebody tried hard to fake a Chinese headstamp…

Factory “71”-

5.56 x 45mm Chinese For Singapore M193 & M855 Hdst ‘’ AN 5.56 ‘’ & ‘’ 71 15 ‘’

Perhaps it was a subcontract and not purchased directly from China?