Does anyone need this book?


Saw this at the local Half Price Books if anybody wants me to go back and get it for them


Nice find, unfortunately you can get it to the door cheaper online since you have to pay tax and shipping to whom may want it…


I want it. Let me know how much total. I love half price books.


Wow, after I posted the link all 3 of the $25 - $30 ones are gone off Amazon.


Joe, by the time I saw your post, the cheapest was $45 + $4 shipping.


Please contact me at waltershipman55(symbol for “at”)


Well, with 126 views as of now, it goes to show like I stated initially, “nice find”.
Here is another at this moment for anyone who missed out who may view;
Here is the old 1948 for $10
Newest updated one like above for $33.75 + $3.99



Somebody already bought it.


Wow, what a hot topic.
To all that view, here is the best source I have found to find what you want in shopping for literature. A gal friend that owned a book store turned me on to it.


Edit; 07/14/2018, SOLD.