Does Igman also make bolts?

I noticed this symbol on the top of an M12 bolt at work on Friday.

It appears to be identical to the symbol used on Igman headstamps. The Igman website makes no reference to production of bolts.

I don’t know but read this … 334_a.html. It sounds like they have a lot of room for production so maybe they are doing something on the side, something like bolts, not so high tech like ammo.

I don’t know what all they make, but I can tell you that is Igman’s symbol on the bolt. I have it on cartridge headstamps.

You could actually gather a very large collection of “headstamps” if you were to collect bolts.

I think that the reason I pay any attention to them is that they are similar to headstamps. Maybe it’s just another example of ammo collecting being bad for the psyche as Vlad described in his thread.

From looking online, there was a guy in San Diego with a fastener museum, but it was destroyed by a wildfire in 2003.