Does the headstamp SPC appear on Shotshells?

I am searching for any evidence the headstamp SPC, or S.P.C. appears on any caliber other than 9x19mm. There is evidence that some of these 9x19 were made by or with the support of DWM. Other 9x19mm with this headstamp code clearly were made without DWM direct involvement.

It has been reported that these rounds were made by a company that produced shotshells until at least the late 1930s.

Perhaps shotshell collectors can help solve this puzzle.

Any help would be appreciated, even evidence of this headstamp being used on other centerfire calibers.


PS: A related question. One of the boxes for these rounds (the one not related to DWM) has impressed the marking “M & S 1937” . Does anyone recognize this box maker. If so what other ammunition did he make boxes for???


Yes, sure there was, I am pretty certain I had one stamped SPC and “I think” it was a Supreme or something like that but alas no picture to prove it so I am running off of memory here.


I can only think of this one.
It is a Greek case, but not that old.
So probably not what you are looking for.

Regards rené

Thanks for the info.

I was hoping that someone would have a Portuguese shotshell from the 1930s marked SPC.

Does anyone have any Portuguese shotshells from the 1930s, or know the names of any Portuguese shotshell manufacturers from this period?


HI Lew,
I checked my small collection of Portuguese shotshells ( about 25 ).
And the only company that might come close to the 30’s is IPM.
In fact I know of no other company from past days.
Non of the ones I have show any sign of SPC on headstamp, topwad or tube printing.

Sorry to be of no more help.
Whenever you do find info on this matter, please post it.

regards rené

Many thanks Rene! Negative data is also useful.


for René:
You said that the shotshell with the hstp Supreme SPC is of greek origin;
have you the name of the manufacturer (or more info) ?

Hi JP,
I will ask a friend from Greece if he has any information about them.

regards rené

Hi JP,
Here is a picture of the box.

You decide if it is Greek or maybe Italian.

regards rené

thank you René;
I have found no reference of a company called SPC either in Greece or in Italy.
Perhaps I did a not very well research ?
have you any info ?