Does variants of the 17,5 mm Snider conversion exist?

Convensional wisdom has it that the only variant made for the danish Snider conversion was the 17,5 mm (.69 caliber) rimfire cartridge shown here: … ?editid1=4
That variant has a HS that says T, for Tøjhuset, to which the laboratory workshops belonged. My interest starts in 1867 so I know next to nothing about this the oldest danish metallic cartridge.
My question is: Did any other army use a cartridge of this exact size in their breechloading Sniders?

Edit: We are trying to find out if any non-danish rifles used cartridges with these dimensions.

Two pictures:


I do not have my reference material with me but how does it compare to the cartridge used for the Norwegian Landmark Kammerlader conversion?


Norwegian Landmark and Lund conversions from 1867 used a different 17 x 32 R rimfire cartridge.

can somebody post pictures about this cartridge: 17*32 RF

Danish 17,5 mm Snider to the left and the Norwegian 17 mm RF for the rebuilt 18 Lødig Kammerladingsgevær. Those two are totally different.

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Thank you very much Morten, really nice cartridges!!