Dog digs up a potato

That’s no spud! Family dog digs up a ‘potato’… then bomb squad are called as it’s identified as a live World War II GRENADE

A spokeswoman for the Army said that the 721 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Squadron RLC attended the scene and disposed of the bomb safely.

She said: ‘It was a practice bomb.’ They recovered it for safe disposal.

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These war remnants can be dangerous. When I was a teenager, I lived in the USSR, and once discovered a “zemlyanka” in a forest. This is basically a big hole in the ground with 2 beds shaped out of soil and a place for a small wood stove, it was then covered by trunks of trees as a roof, and covered with dirt, the entrance’s 3 steps downwards were covered with branches. It is close to invisible from the outside. They were used by “partizans”, the resistance people who attacked Germans from the forest. I was very proud of my discovery, and told about it to locals. They became highly alarmed and asked me if I went inside. I proudly said “Yes”. They told me that partizans frequently placed mines inside so when Germans came to investigate, it would blow up.