Dog food is ammunition too

This is a lot of fun and we get about 1000 yards range.

Any chupacabras coming to your range at night ?

That looks like fun & I wonder how many of us are going to have to also look up what Vlad was talking about!

What are you using for the propellant charge, and how is it ignited?

A hand full of black powder and cannon fuse to ignite, this is California after all.

Careful now, there may be particulates of lead in that dog food and will soon be banned as ammunition here in Commiefornia!

We don’t want the spotted owl or the California condor to get lead poisoning after eating that discarded dog food. Go to the local Dollar Store and get cans of creamed spinach, peas or green beans and use those. It’s more “green” and environmentally friendly.

Thanks for the reply. I’m actually surprised you can even do that legally in California.

I have a Coehorn Mortar replica I made about 30 years ago that was bored to fire a beer can filled with cement. Considered a muzzleloader non-firearm here in NY. Most states allow ownership and shooting.

I made up a home-made mortar back when I was a kid out of a piece of pipe. Same idea on projectiles, except I used smaller diameter cans full of concrete - small frozen orange juice cans. They fit the pipe diameter almost perfectly.