Dominican ammo

Is anyone interested in specs of .30M1 ammo from DR?
I have just acquired 880 rds of the stuff and have taken apart and measured 30 rds.
Bullet and powder wts and overall dimensions.
The list is long but if there is any interest I will post it.
The ammo is junk.

Hi Johng1, welcome here!
Sure data and images will be of interest.
Just go ahead and post what you have found.
And in case you have images of boxes and crates too they will be welcome.

Hi, I’m interested as well. Please, if possible, add pictures to your post.



Me too, JohnG1. And, I agree totally with your assessment of the lack of quality of the Dominican ammunition. We had some at the store years ago, and withdrew it from sale when it damaged a customer’s carbine due to high pressure. Fortunately, he was great about the whole thing, and we were able to restore his carbine as the receiver was not damaged. Anyone with any of that stuff should never, never fire it, in my opinion.

Hope you can post what you have found out, along with any applicable pictures as mentions by EOD.

John Moss

Hope I get this right.
Attachments are not my strong suit:

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Thanks John,
Can you post a picture if the 65 and 68 headstamps?


Too bad the ammunition was loose. It would have been helpful if the lot numbers of each round was available. However, if the Extruded powder was all the same type, in such a short date spread, the variations are amazing - 12.3 grains to 13.4 grains just in 1958, and 12.3 grains to 14.7 grains over the whole spectrum.

John M.

Wish I had seen this prior to buying a similar quantity, likely from the same source. At least Marstar did say there would be “some” misfires. No mention of over pressure… May be better to pull them down and reuse the projectiles for 7.62x25mm.

I may owe an apology.
Under the Olympus lens the dates on the headstamps indicate the 6 may have been a 5.
The HS are far from clear and the cases in rough shape.
I have only looked at about 30 of 700+ so will look at some more

Yup. The .30 M1 stuff came from Marstar.
It was advertised as 800 rounds but actual count (me) was 771.
There were 27 WRA boxer primed but the rest was berdan primed.
Marstar advertised it a “dirty” so I did not count on usable ammo but did count on getting reloadable brass.
That did not happen. Even the pulled bullets are variable in weight.

I don’t collect ammo, just guns, so really have no organized ammo to trade.
There is probably collectable stuff here but I wouldn’t recognise it as ‘collectable’.

John Gass

Thanks John,
I have seen quite a few, but I’m sure not all of the Dominican Carbine headstamps. A 1965 or 68 is later than any I know of.