Dominican Rep. Rifle Cart?

Peter Labbet, in his book “Assault Rifle Ammunition”, documents a “7.62 ‘Short’ Dominican Republic cartridge”, using a Brazilian 7mm case, supposedly made in the 1950s. Does anyone have any further information on this round?

Nothing? Labbet got his info from somewhere. I hope someone has something to add.

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Well, I have the round…at least it matches Labbet’s description, and for now that’s good enough for me. Any other info available?


Hi Jon,

Great find! Congratulations.

There was a .30 short Mauser cartridge for a light machine gun made by Armería F. A. in San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic. It was developed around 1948-50 by A. Kovacs, another Hungarian that worked for this factory after WW2.

The cartridge in question made from a Brazilian Realengo case has been identified by collectors as a “Dominican assault rifle cartridge”, but I’m afraid I don’t have further documentation.



And the case length is?

GMCS bullet diameter 7.82mm, case length 32.80mm, overall length 47.26mm.

Jon, thanks!

Is there a dimensional relation to other 7.62x33 cartridges like Argentina, Portugal or Spain? I just do not remember who of the three had such a cartridge.

Of the 3, I think only Argentina had a similar 7,62 “Kurz”.