Dominican Republic boxes

I recently got these two 30-06 boxes from the Dominican Republic.

The box on the left only has ARMERIA F.A. plus a rectangle printed on it
The one on the right is also shown in Chris Punnett’s 30-06 book.

I presume that F.A. on the left box stands for Fuerzas Armatas. Can anybody confirm this ?
On the right box, R.D. stands for Republica Dominicana.
But what is the meaning of E.N. ? Maybe: Empresa Nacional (government factory) ?

Which of the two boxes is older ?


Could also mean “Ejercito Nacional” as well. ( National Army); but given the Dictatorial system in the RD at the time (Trujillo) I would more likely aggree with “Empresa Nacional” ( state owned Company)

Doc AV

Hello René,

ARMERIA E. N. = “Armería del Ejército Nacional”. Also designated “Armería E. N. San Cristóbal”, “Armería San Cristóbal”, “Armería de San Cristóbal”, “Armería Cristóbal”, “Armería del Ejército” and “Armería Nacional”. It was established in 1948 and in 1956 renamed “Servicios Tecnológicos de las Fuerzas Armadas”, but it was still continued to be called “La Armería”. It is interesting that the creation of this factory was proposed by Winchester in December 1947 to the Dominican military attache in Washington (.30 M2 ammunition by WRA was supplied to Dominican Republic in 1947-48 but the U.S. Government denied further shipments).

ARMERIA F. A. = “Armería de las Fuerzas Armadas”. The term Fuerzas Armadas (Armed Forces) includes the Ejército Nacional (Army), Marina de Guerra (Navy) and Fuerza Aérea (Air Force). Also designated “Armería F. A. San Cristóbal”.

Early produced San Cristóbal .30 caliber carbines were marked “Armería E.N. San Cristóbal R.D.” and later “Armería F.A. San Cristóbal R.D.”.


muchas gracias