DOMINION 455 colt box


I have this box with 455 colt cartridges and like to know how old this box is

thanks gyrojet


Somewhere between 1967 to 1972. The child warning label shows that it was made after 1962. I believe the blue and yellow boxes with the plastic trays started in 1967.


You might want to check the date on blue and yellow boxes like this. It might be a couple of years earlier. I could very, very well be wrong, but I think when I went to work at the SF Gun Exchange in late 1964, they already had this ammo, and 11 mm Mauser ammo from Dominion in stock. We carried both until we just couldn’t get it anymore. Again, I could be wrong - I agree the general era is the 1960s.

John Moss


There should be a date code and load code stamped on the inside flaps.