Dominion Arsenal .303 British pack markings


Can someone tell me the meaning of the abreviations on this pack of .303 British by Dominion Arsenal?
C.I.A - Cordite? ? ??

Also, what is the significance of the two purple stripes on the case? Would this identify why these are ‘Special’ cartridges?

The headstamp is D A C (with the broadarrow inside the C) 38 VII.


P.R.A=Provincial Rifle Association

D.R.A.=Dominion Rifle Association

C.I.A.=Canadian Inspector Ammunition

The bands indicate “match” cartridges.Yours may be for the 1939 matches
which had 2 bands of Gentian Violet.

This info from the late J.Torrens.


Thanks for the information; that sure answers all the questions I had.


A minor point, but CIA is Chief Inspector of Ammunition, the Canadian part being indicated by the Canadian government ownership mark of the Broad Arrow within C.