Dominion Canada, who is the brand owner?

Another thread sparked my interest in “Dominion” (Canada) as for the owner of the brand.
I know they were sold and reformed etc. so it is a bid hard to track.
Anybody who has a straight info and maybe link to the owning company?

Image from the web:

These are the same as Challenger Shosthells.

Alex and Curtis, “Dominion” brand is owned by Disco-Tech Industries, Inc. and “Challenger” by Société d’Expansion Commercial LIBEC, Inc.



NICE ! I need either an empty or full of one of those packets. Actually I need an example all of the types they manufacture, fool that I am…

Fede, thanks again!
I stumbled over Disco-Tech in my search but did not find the connection.

Once IVI was purchased by SNC Lavalin, no one made shotshells in Canada. These guys bought the old trade names from IVI…formerly CIL and DC Co.I am in Canada so will see if I can find any of their primer packs for you Pete.

I am reminded that in the recent thread on re-packaged Polish 7.92 Mauser ammo by Techcrim in Russia, that Disco-Tech was one of two importers listed on the original version of the boxes: Techcrim / Russian 8x57 IS

GREAT & many thanks for looking Curtis.

Just to be sure, I have a number of the older variations from Don Blyth’s booklet so only looking for these newer post Canadian-made variations.

Yes the old ones are long out of the stores…i will see if the stores have any. Can’t ship with the primers over the border bit can ship the packages if I can find.

Sounds VERY good to me!


I have a bunch of these primers, but being in Canada means I can only send you the empty box. If you can wait until I finish a tray off I’ll mail it/them to you. PM your address & save cartridgecorner the search.

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Apoc69, GREAT & Thank you very much.
PM sent is the store front for Disco Tech if I recall correctly.

around here, the only brand of .43 Mauser for those old clunker rifles is Imperial/CIL, when we can find any to shoot. Is this the same company that went by the name “Dominion?”

Yes Dominon started out as Dominion Cartridge Company (DC CO) then by successors CIL and later by IVI. Imperial was the main brand in later CIL and IVI shotshells and cartridges.

Hello all. Just thought I’d pop in here as I am the owner of CanadaAmmo and the Dominion trademarks. I am happy to assist if you have questions

Howdy & welcome CanAm
It would be nice to see a catalog your current product line and to know if you have any sales outlets here in the USA?

Indeed, welcome here CanAm!
Agree with Pete, a catalog would be good to have.

And what year did you acquire the Dominion trademarks and the exact name and address of your company. (For the record.)
Thanks much! Right! What EOD says below!

Maybe a small writeup of facts, dates and names would be good as it will be logged for good then.