Dominion Cartridge Co. Headstamps

Hi, All…Question…when, generally (and I realize this probably took place over a number of years) did Dominion Cartridge Co. drop the D.C.Co. headstamp and begin using DOMINION ?..Randy

The simple answer is 1906.Dominion discontinued most of their old brands of shotshells & started new ones in the period 1904-06.Some like Crown & Sovereign,you can find with DCCo or Dominion,others like Regal or Imperial were always “Dominion”.At least none are known at this time with DCCo.

However metallic cartridges used DCCo until after WW II about 1947-8.But as you say there was probably a period of change over.


Dick…As you probably know, I collect only .30 Army cartridges and boxes…I recently received a box with production date of July 16, 1949, headstamp on cartridges: DOMINION 30-40 KRAG, so your info fits nicely… I am looking for ANY .30 Krag cartridge with headstamp: D.C.Co. .30 U.S.G…Please keep your eyes peeled !!..Thanks Much…Randy

I have 2 30-40 krag with the following hs D.C.Co. 30-40 KRAG hope this helps they are both RNSP