Dominion (CIL) Ammunition in 250

I recently purchased a Savage 250-3000 and received a full box of ammo with it. The ammo is apparently quite old and I was told that it would be a shame if I used it to sight in my rifle as I had planned. If it is collectible, I would prefer someone else had it since I’m not really into collecting anything and it would only gather dust sitting around here. So, two questions - does it have any real value and can anyone suggest what I should do with it? I’ve enclosed a couple of pics of the ammo and box which I gather indicates when it was made. … C06016.jpg … C06017.jpg

Putting aside any collector considerations, you should only sight your rifle in with that ammo if you have pretty much a lifetime supply. A rifle should only be sighted in with the load you are actually and continually going to be firing in it. If more than one load, it should be sighted in with one, and then the others in turn noting the changes in sight adjustment you had to make for each one. It is the only way for a precise zero. Even some loads of the same bullet weight and general shape, but different manufacturers, will not shoot to the same exact point of aim - maybe close enough for taking a Moose at 75 yards, but not a precise zero skipping around from one to another type of ammunition.

John said what I was going to say,I’ll just add that if I read the code right those shells were made Jun 15 1949.That is borne out by the “Dominion” headstamp as well,which was started 1946-7. As to price,as a seller they are worth as much as you can get,as a buyer they are worth as much as you’re willing to pay.I have seen them at shows here in Manitoba priced at $25-$30 for a nice clean box.