Dominion Pnuematic Bullets


I just recieved a handful of 30-30 cartridges fom a fellow collector. One of these was a Dominion Pnuematic bulleted round. I have heard of them but just assumed they were just another softpoint. However they are a fmj hollow point in appearence. Does anyone know the “MAKEUP” of this bullet or have a sectioned speciman photo to share. Also I have in my collection 2 Sabre tips cartridges both in 30-30. One is marked IMPERIAL and the other is marked DOMINION. One has a blue plastic insert in the nose and the other a yellow insert. Do these different colors differenciate different loads? Thanks again.


The pneumatic bt had a cylindrical hollow behind the dimple in the point.



Check out this one from the “Cartridge of the Month” for a view of the Pneumatic Bullet.

Another fine section job by Paul Smith.



Thanks DaveE that is exactly what I was needing.