Dominion, Western/Olin and Remington Box Date Codes


I have just finished updating and correcting the Dominion box date code material and there are initial indications that it could also apply to IVI boxes, but more IVI box codes are needed to confirm this.

I have also used Dick Fraser’s great material on UMC, Remington and late (post-1934) Peters box codes to create a box code list for these companies and it looks like we have solved the pre 1972 material and the disconnect with the 1997-2009 data provided by dArtagnan. At this point it looks like a pretty comprehensive lists.

This material is on

along with the Western Olin stuff I was working earlier in the week and a list of Kynoch box codes. It looks like we have them all pretty well wrung out.

Does anyone have any ideas where to start with the DWM box codes???

I would like to see if we can’t break a few more sets of box codes so we have a better idea when things are actually produced.