Double posting

No one seems to be monitoring this part of the Forum, but will give it a try anyway. I am getting double postings of answers. There have been two in very recent postings by me. I am sure what I am doing is that I am posting it the first time, but when I use the technique I have always used to show it posted, it is NOT posted, and thinking I forgot to hit the “submit button” I am doing it a second time, only to find it then posted twice. Don’t know if its anything you can fix, but I don’t know why my answer is not posting the first time.

It’s most likely the lag time in the server and you inadvertently re-post. I can’t think of a technical reason since it’s only affecting your efforts.

You are probably right as I think of it. As everyone knows, I am the world’s foremost idiot when it comes to computers (my wife would add other things to the list along with computers.)