Double Scale M16 Rifles and Cartridges

Does anyone know which company made the double scale M16A1 (designated 3-F-68) and M16A2 rifles and the dummy cartridges for them? Typical marking is EP 82, but there are also all-plastic examples without markings.

Mine is headstamped

BP 82

Thanks, you are right, it reads “BP” not “EP”.

Regarding the rifles, what I have found so far is that the M16A1 was manufactured by the Training Aids Service Office (TASO) at Fort Carson, Colorado.



Mine seems to be stamped a couple of times B P and once E P.EP%20or%20BP%202X5%2C56x45

Pete, thanks for the picture. I also have pictures of two different examples and both are marked “B P” but in my notes there are references describing the marking as “E P”, so it seems that the latter also exist.



Edit: However, this picture shows that the “E” is likely a badly marked “B”:


Well Fede here’s a close up of my multi-stamped one & your absolutely correct.

Great image! Thanks.