Double Tap new "Equalizers"

I had mentioned in another thread showing a duplex 10mm “Eqaulizer” section that Double Tap has now come out with 6 new calibers for this duplex load type. I have received them today and photos are below:

box end labels:

small box types for 20rds of 9mm or .45acp:

large box type for 20rds of 454, 44, 41mag, or 357mag:

Two of the listed grain weights are a little puzzling, whereas on the 454 it is shown as 325gr, but only measured out to about 312gr, and on the 41mag it is listed at 300gr but only totaled 265gr. The 41mag was also the only cartridge that had a noticeable rattle when shaken, and if I had to guess, would say was due to Double Tap using the same lead ball in the 41mag which they use in the 10mm (.40 dia), thus the looseness.

The lead wadcutter discs in the 357, .45, and 9mm had no grease, but the .45 did have a copper gas-check.

what was the cost per box of the .45ACP and the .454?


The costs can be seen here at the Double Tap website:
where the .454 was listed at $45.70 and the .45acp was listed at $33.75.

There’s also this video on Youtube of Mike McNett explaining the new Equalizer calibers (posted on May 2nd) where he mentions that .500S&W mag and .40S&W would also be available in the Equalizer line, but they are not shown on the website as of yet. Interestingly in the Youtube video at the 40 second mark, they show a grabbed image still-frame of one of Kevin Gross’ sections of their 10mm Equalizer which he has posted here on the forum! It was one that I had given him to cut for me for my multiball collection… small world.

How common are .41 Magnum revolvers nowadays? From what I have read online in the past, they never sold many. There must be enough demand for the ammunition today for Double Tap to be marketing it.

The .41mag is a relatively very uncommon revolver. Most retail gun shops would not sell the ammo for it, let alone have one in stock (a big place like Cabelas might have a few boxes). A search on Gunbroker shows about 30 guns for sale, mostly Ruger Blackhawks and S&W model 57’s for models. Since .357mag and .44mag are so common and are available in so many different model guns, it’s no wonder .41’s are rare.

Maybe the owner of Double Tap or one of his bigger clients has a special place in their heart for the .41mag, thus the production?

I have had the .500S&W version of Equalizer for several months now, but finally the long-promised .40S&W version of this duplex load has come out, and I have photos of both to post. The .500S&W version still has the typical box print style which Double Tap has had for years now, but the .40S&W has a box style which reflects their new labeling for 2013 and is marked as “DT Defense” in a blue oval, while the other style is “DT Hunter” in an orange oval for larger hunting-oriented loads.

The .500S&W is labeled as being 480gr and has a lead round ball as the secondary projectile behind the 300gr jacketed hollow point. The lead ball in my example weighed in at 174gr and should have been 180gr to equal a total of 480, but it’s close enough at this sort of weight.

The .40S&W box is labeled as 185gr and has a lead disc with a copper gas-check as the secondary projectile behind the 135gr jacketed hollow point. The disc in my example weighed in at 56gr for a total payload weight of 191, whereas the disc should be 50gr to equal out to 185gr total. I assume that these secondary projectiles will be + or - 3 or 4 grains in general, do to being cast and/or crimped with gas-checks in-house in a less exacting manufacturing method than the standard jacketed projectiles. This is in line with the other Equalizer calibers previously described.