Downeast Ammo website

For two years I have toiled, stalled, pondered, and worked at getting the website up & running, and I am rather optimistically hoping that it will be up by end of November, or at least the end of the year. It will be mostly for listing individual cartridges for sale, but I will work most of my store-shelf boxed inventory into it as well. I will also have a section for my books, and sort of a gallery section of stuff that will function like a reference for some things I am big into.

I hadn’t actually counted exactly how many individual cartridge listings I will have (for which I have around 10 to 40 rds each) until today, and I came to a sobering realization… nearly 2,500. My apologies if things like the E-journal are a few days late.


Can’t wait!!!

Sounds like a heck of a project. I wish you success with it. I will certainly want to look at the list when you get the site up!

Best of luck to you, my friend.

John M.