DP-28 magazine

last time I bought a magazine for DP-28 and have a few questions. Dose this dummy have a specific name? It works as blockade inside. Second question: how long DP magazines were produced? As long as DP or a bit longer? I am asking becouse this one had an early Polish Mosin “blockade dummy” inside.


(21) St 5 52

Magazine produced by Ługańsk

those headstamps, inspector stamps or something like that?

Why do you think this magazine was made by “Lugansk”?
And what factory in Lugansk do you mean, LPZ?

Becouse of " Л" symbol (LPZ), which was used on cases and clips for Mosin. I am wrong? On top is small triangle with " O" inside.

The " Л" was a WW1 and shortly after marking. I also doubt they made magazines.

When the feeding dummy inside your drum is Polish I assume the magazine got modified when in Polish servicel.