DPRK 7.62x39 Stripper?


Any AK/SKS stripper experts out there? I recently got a 10 round stripper with no markings at all. It is all black. I know that is not much to go on. Is there any way to identify a North Korean stripper?


North Korean strippers are generally more attractive and well fed. Their routines are carefully crafted by the state to praise the benefits of their Socialist society and the “Dear Leader”. Seriously, I could not resist. I have several all-black, unmarked SKS chargers that are Chinese in origin. The checklist I got from Steve Fuller in 2001 does not list any NK stripper clips or any with markings I would associate with NK, such as a star-in-circle, factory code of “93” or a Korean alphabet carachter. Sorry I cannot be of more help.



Ha! I expected some form of low-brow response, but I couldn’t think of another way to ask my question.
I got a full stripper of NK ammo, all the same h/s, so for now I’ll assume the stripper is also NK. I know others collect these things (Hey Balch, where are you?) so I’m hoping there is some difference on the side nubs or spring ends to ID the one I have.


There’s always ways of IDing the stripper clips from the way they are manufactured. It doesn’t matter if the machinery from two different countries is made on the same spec machines there are always small differences, you just have to look for them.

I can hear the call for another web page to be set up… one to compliment mine to cover the opposition “7.62 x 39” ammunition.

Now where are the experts in the subject? :-D


Give us a chance and tell your questions.


Jon C.

As I was crafting my witty response to your question, I was thinking that the only way to know for sure if the clip was indeed NK, was if it were full of original cartridges or came right out of a NK spam can. I would consider your clip original NK until proven otherwise in this case. What is the headstamp on these cartridges by the way?



Triangle and “stick man”. All 10 are exactly alike, in perfect condition. The guy I got them from didn’t mention anything about a box.


I spoke about this with Jack Wells and told him that my source said it “came loose from an unmarked wooden box in Grenada”.
Jack said, "with what your source told ,I’m inclined to go with it
being N.Korea."
I guess I’ll go with that for now.