Draper Rifle Case? New Pics Added

Just found this case that appears to be for some kind of Draper rifle round. The brass case is necked and the steel knurled base bears no headstamp.
case mouth ID is .4425"
case mouth OD is .471"
case length is 2.263"
diameter above steel base is .5185"
rim diameter is .6055"
Any idea on what it truly is? Sorry for the fuzzy pics.


I’m thinking a Remington Reloadable, but I’ll wait for the experts.

Hi Jonnyc.
Years ago I found 3 rounds of Draper rifle shells. They had the same head as the Draper shotshells which tuned off by the fingers for easy reloading. Does the head turn off on yours?
These were made for William Marston, a well known gunmaker in Toronto, Ontario, Canada circa 1865.
If it is a Draper rifle round, then you have a very good find. Could you post some more photos? Ones showing more detail of the head and with the
Head removed if possible.
If I remember correctly, they were 44-60 caliber, but I may be wrong since it was about twenty five years ago.

The steel base looks like the one on my .40-70, only nice shape! Buttweiler sold a .44-70 and a .44-90 Remington reloadables for 575 and 470. A very good find too!


It does look like a Remington Reloadable to me too, But I’d like to see nice & sharp, the knurling pattern on the rim.

A Draper rifle case is also new to me and on other than the 9mm European (French?) examples & I’m not sure those were not also shot shells.

I’ve not see one of these with a tinned brass case, so is it tinned-brass?

Is the head magnetic & does it unscrew by it’s self or does it need a screwdriver applied down into the case mouth to detach it?

Here are some better pics. The head of the complete case is stuck firmly. The “bare”, headless case is a second piece.


Remington reloadable. Although the case tinning is very unusual.

I found a reference in Logan that leads me to agree with you. In my hand they don’t quite look “brassy”, but I don’t think they are tinned.