Draper shotshell Questions

I’m looking for information on Draper shotshells.
The head stamp says F. D. & Co. What was Drapers first name?
These are patented Nov. 29 1864 by W. H. Wills. How long were they sold?
They look like they would have been expensive to make. How much did they sell for when new.
Thanks for any information you can give me.

Hi Cztrouba,
There is very little info on Draper Shot shells. It is Fred Draper. I know they were made 16, 14, 12, 10 and 8 gauge. Not sure about 20ga. Some have flat heads and some have raised. Some have lead reinforced heads.

Some of the forum shot shell gurus will hopefully chime in. Good luck. Rookie

Hello Rookie
Thanks for the quick reply


Some information at the link below:

Hi bdgreen
Thanks for the link. Somehow I missed that one. The post of an old advertisement by Fede says if you buy a Stevens shot gun for $16 you can get 12 Draper shells, wads and caps for another $2. I’m not sure when the ad is from but I think in the 1890’s wages for a laborer was about $1 a day. $2 sounds cheep but when you think about 2 long hard days of labor it is not so cheep.
Thanks again Bob

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