Drawer Liners

Here are the three types of drawer liner I am currently using.

#1 is 1 inch wide by 3/8 inch deep flutes. It is gold or brass colored (original, not painted) This is by far the best I have found. I got a bunch of this back in 1975 from a dumpster behind a now gone theatrical company. I was told it had been used to make Greek columns for a play. According to a stamp on the back, it was made (in the 1960’s-70’s) by The Reytrim Mfg. Co., Inc., Royersford, Pennsylvania. Apparently they are out of business as I could find nothing on the internet about them. Does anyone know of this company or where I could buy similar fluted cardboard with the sharp peaks and approximate dimensions.

#2 was purchased as 50 foot x 5 foot roll in 1980 from the National Supply Company, 308 Iowa St., Sioux City, Iowa. This company sold stuff for store window displays. The rounded flutes and valleys measure 3/8 inch each. This stuff work OK, but with 3/8 rounded peak rather than the sharp peak of #1, it has a lot of wasted space. Again, the company does not appear to be in business anymore. Does anyone know of another company that sells a similar product.

#3 is standard “A” flute single faced corrugated cardboard, easily purchased in widths from 6 inches to 60 inches. This is OK for under 30 caliber cartridges but does not work well for larger rounds.

I have recently tripled my storage and would REALLY like to find more of #1. Doe anybody have ANY ides who might sell it. I would prefer the gold or brass color, but will settle for any color.

Here I can easily find only Type 3 , that is,as you said , quite useless for big cartridges .

I usually remove one of the external sheets of the cardboard commonly used for boxes to obtain some corrugated cardboard very similar to your #2

It is a very long and boring work , but I haven’t been able to find a similar corrugated cardboard yet


You can buy rolls of the coated stuff from arts & crafts suppliers.

Thanks guys, but all of those suggestions are a repeat from a thread of a few days ago. I am looking for sources of the same or close to the same stuff as #1 and #2, especially #1. There is plastic similar to #1, but it is relatively expensive.

I faced the same problem. Finally I decided fold liners of my own. Quite simple actually. You need two strips of wood and a sharp table edge plus some tool for lightly scoring whatever you are using for the liners. Now I can decide what spacing I want and what material to use. Perhaps not the thing to do if one has many thousands of cartridges but worth considering due to the freedom it gives.

An alternate method worth looking is CNC cut styrofoam liners. One cut gives two liners.