Drawing of British 9mm Drill?


I am looking for a copy of the British 9mm D Mk. 1 Drill. Even a description of the drawing would suffice.
Drawing number is DDL 14046




Hmmm … this is DDL 14046, but it isn’t a drill round;

I’ll have a cast around to see if I’ve anything on the MkI Drill.



Thanks Peter,

I’m trying to clarify details of the few Australian made 9mm items. This reference was given to me by Footscray in 1972 and I haven’t questioned it. Now I’m wondering whether they inadvertently misled me with the incorrect drawing number, or they misunderstood my question.
There is also some lack of distinction between drills and dummies. Prior to 1963 the only drill/dummy 9mm were made from reclaimed WW2 stocks. I need to check on one of these with four holes in the case and wooden distance piece to check the date. The first official drill I can find mentioned was made circa 1952 from reclaimed components. It had a tin plated case for identification and an empty cap chamber. The next lot was the series made in 1963 which culminated in the design of the 9mm F2. Although there are numerous specimens about from 63, I haven’t found any documentary evidence of the trials or the results, other than the reference to the F2, which was made to ADE Drawing No. A110-1.
Not having a collection is sure hampering my research to a degree :(
The British drawing/s I need to see would be either with fluted case, or 4 holes drilled in the side, if you come across them I’d be very pleased.




I’ve nothing on the MkI Drill round, I’m afraid.

Here’s the drawing for the case of the Mk 2 though;

I’ll be back in Leeds in the next two or three weeks so I’ll have a rummage to see what I can find.




Looking at Labbett’s book on British 9x19mm, in the section on Drill cartridges he gives the Design Schedule of DD/L/14046 DI as referring to Drill Cartridges MkI so it might be my drawing that is in error.

I also turned up this memo on early British drill rounds, from long before the MkI was accepted into use;



Peter, Thank you so much for the additional information. It was interesting that Peter Labbett had the same information I was given, but I wonder where the apparent anomaly occurred.
The drawing of the 9mm D2 case is helpful. The design and drawing dates is just prior to our playing around with a drill using, as I said before, reclaimed ball ammo. This drawing is much the same as our F2, so maybe it pointed the way.

The note on the dummy is also reminiscent of our U1.
If you do get anything further from Leeds I would much appreciate it.