Drawing of Horizontal Pinfire (?) Cartridge from John Butler, Canada. Date Unknown

In the current issue of the IAA Journal (Issue 520, March/April, 2018; page 12) there is an article by Aaron Newcomer concerning a horizontal pinfire cartridge. This reminded me of an undated old stain spattered drawing in the WRA Co. drawing collection, McCracken Research Library digital collection. The drawing is titled “Drawing of bullet design from John (?) Butler, Silver Islet, Ontario, Canada” and shows what appears to be a horizontal pinfire cartridge

Image of drawing as shown by the McCracken Research Library


Same image with an adjustment in contrast, lines of text read:

"Cartridge double size

John (??) Butler
Silver Islet Ontario Canada"


Image rotated 90 deg., lines of text read:

“1 Steel or iron cone
2 Fulminate in concave of cone
3 Tube guiding igniting pin
4 Steel pin (igniting pin)”

Does anyone know anything further about John Butler and the cartridge shown in the drawing?



Thank you for this great patent Brian!

Just for a mild correction: “Sliver Islet” Ontario is spelt “Silver” Islet.



Thank you for catching my typo, one of many that occur with my mediocre typing skills.


This is a neat document. It does not look like any particular example of one I have come across.