Dreyse version of MB5 (11.25x33R)

I have a cartridge that i have not been able to find anything on. It may be that i simply am not used to looking up these old sporting (?) cartridges, although I have a fair library. General comments first:

The bullet is lead and round nose. There is one Groove showing 3.75m/m above the case mouth measured to the center of the groove. The groove is about 1.66m/m wide. I originally thought that the head of the cartridge was just “wrinkled” but I find that there is a very badly stamped headstamp, probably raised letters (yes - its so bad even that is hard to tell). I am certain that one word is "S

John , this sounds like the Dreyse version of MB5 (11.25x33R) which is known with a "F.v. DREYSE S

I think WBD has the correct ID but a picture would confirm it.

I suggest the tile of my thread be changed to the above. I don’t know how to do it or if I even can.

A picture is coming. I have made one and sent it to my partner Joe for posting. He’ll do it when he has time.

I confirmed the rim diameter. I rounded out when I measured the rim in my gun room downstairs. My downstairs calipers are dial indicators, and I don’t read them so well anymore due to failing eyesight. My upstars one is an electronic caliber with LED readout, which I can read perfectly well. The rim is actually a little smaller than I stated, not larger, at 14.36 to 14.37 m/m.

Brad - here’s the picture you wanted. I can not find any trace of the letters “F v.” on the headstamp, but I assume they were supposed to be there because there is room for them. I was going to take this to St. Louis with me, but assume it is a common rounds and, in this case, with a terribly struck headstamp, so is probably worthless as a trade round.
I guess I will keep it as, for me, an oddity.

John Moss

John, that picture confirms that it is MB5, here are other images:

it is a pity that the hs is not clear but most Dreyse hs aren’t, even so this is a scarce cartridge. The only recent sale of this cartridge was in a German auction for a slightly more common “Utendoerffer” example for $80US.

The only other Dreyse hs that are known are shown below:

Brad - if I had to guess, I would say that the headstamp is the one at the lower right of those four drawn headstamps. It is meant to be read as you rotate it, for sure. I can’t tell if it has an “N” or an “F” v. Dreyse though. Thanks for the information. I guess the fact that the bullet measured exactly 11mm and the case length exactly 33mm, I got hung up on that and did spot the very close 11.2 x 32.5mm measurement as being the same cartridge.