Drill/Dummy 303 question

Here is an interesting 303 Drill/Dummy I am unable to identify;

Hope the photo turns out OK, the headstamp is K-18 V11 Z it has 3 short flutes, the bullet is gm, pointed so it must be a later contract for someone, but who and when? thanks Randy

A pity you have not shown the heastamp. Has the round got a normal primer? If so, I suspect you have a very nice Greener muti-ball cartridge. The headstamp is right and the bullet profile looks right.

The easiest way to confirm this without pulling the round is to weigh it. The Greener was loaded with three bullets (the flutes hold the lower ones in place) and depending on which version you have, the total bullet weight is between 246 and 255 grns. Since a normal .303 ball weighs around 400 grns, a Greener triplex should weigh well over this, around 450 grns.

The round was tested by the military in 1918 as a possible answer to the German Bergmann 9mm, but was not accepted.

The final version in May 1918 had three bullets, the front one with a normal ogive weighing 112 grns and two smaller flat nosed bullets weighing 78.5 grns each. The charge was 31 grns Cordite and the MV was 1864fps at 19 tsi.

For full details and a drawing see Labbett & Mead “.303 inch” pp46-47.


I concur completely with tony. this round should be the Greener. When I was collecting .303, I had the exact same round in my collection, with the same headstamp.

The only thing I am not sure of is that in my catalog, of which I still have a copy, I make reference to a “2nd Bullet Cannelure.” Unfortunately, I don’t recall what that entry referred to. If I still had the round, I could tell instantly, but I don’t. Your round doesn’t seem to have any cannelures. That may be, though, a product of the two different bullet-type loads.

My records show that the top bullet was non-magnetic, but the bottom one(s)
was magnetic. You might test your cartridge around the area of the flutes to see if it draws a magnet there. It may or may not, since there were two different loadings to this round, something I wasn’t aware of, so I did not record the total cartridge weight of mine in my catalog, unfortunately. I only do that if there is some real reason to (bearing in mind that technically, I would still have the cartridge in my possession to check it out if a question came up).

Much better round than a drill made on a ball case!!!

Thanks for the VERY good news Tony and John, yes normal primer, and no neck cannelure, plus it does attract a magnet along the whole l;ength of the flutes, definitely, much better than a Drill round John, regards Randy