Drilling of Rare Collectors Cartridges

In the good old days, I ordered live cartridges and even full boxes of ammunition from around the world, through normal postal services!
But obtaining live cartridges from other countries, became almost impossible for South Africans!
My sister, living most of the time in Michigan, while not travelling all over the world, visits South Africa once a year. She “couriered” deactivated cartridges for me previously, without any problems, yet!
But it’s almost impossible to seat the bullets back, without damaging the cartridge, when it was pulled.

Will Collectors Cartridges lose their value when drilled?

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It depends where you are geographically. If you are in a country which allows intact live ammo collecting, yes, it will lower the value, but if you are in a country where live ammo is forbidden, then no because that is the only way you may have it. Or, if you collect drilled dummies, then it does not matter.
I am lucky to be in the 1st category of collectors, but if I see a rare (and cheap) half destroyed drilled cartridge, I’ll buy it.
For me holding something which may have witnessed a battle or a historical event is of prime importance.
Let me ask you. If somebody offered a beat up drilled and destroyed shield to you and said it was the Achilles’ shield picked up by Alexander the Great on his way to Guagamela, would you walk away?


How much?


Letter of provenance on that shield?

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