DRT 85gr 9x19 FMJ lead-free

I noticed just recently that DRT now offers an FMJ load (in 9x19 only), and touts it as having a lead-free projectile. This 85gr bullet is explained as being ballistically matched to their 9mm frangible hollow point load, and is intended for training use. The FPS is listed as 1350, though one could probably get these going much faster if loaded to +P, which these are not. The brass is the standard DRT 9mm LUGER headstamp.

I pulled one bullet and found that I could not use my usual bullet pinching pliers to cut it in half, and I had to resort to bolt cutters. Over 60 seconds of having the cut bullet in a vice with a torch on it did not result in any molten metal, but it did become brittle and sort of squashed when I knocked it out. My guess is some sort of tin or aluminum metal (it is silver in color).

I have only seen this offered on the DRT website as of yet, and not with any retailers. I found it odd that when I opened the box, there was a date of “Jan 06 2015” stamped there, as if this were a production date. My only explanation for this is that they are a little ahead of themselves, and probably intend to show this new product off, along with their new .357sig frangible load at the SHOT show for 2015, and wanted to have a date that more immediately preceded the SHOT show dates (Jan 23rd).

I just noticed that over the past 30 days, the DRT website is now updated to include the .40S&W, and .45acp in this same type of solid core (zinc?) FMJ training ammo, and they also have the .357sig and 10mm hollow point frangible loads listed for sale. The new .357sig and 10mm headstamps are below, as well as the .40S&W and .45acp headstamps from the FMJ training loads I just received. I’m not sure what the two V symbols on the .40 primers are for.

Matt, The core is zinc I’m told. My 9mm Training ammo is dated “Jan 06 2015” and “02 25 15” which pretty well confirms that they are postdating their ammo by about three or four months because I got it about a month ago-both in the same shipment! That is one way to confound the code breakers like that nasty d’Artagnan!!!

Also interesting is that the Jan box has the DRT headstamp, but the “02” box is generic Starline brass so they must have run through their stock of DRT brass-which appears to me to be made by RWS. Haven’t confirmed that yet.