DShK HMG article

Section picture for fun (oops, 14.5 is wrong caliber)

You are mistaken, ДШК / ДШКМ shoots a cartridge of caliber 12.7Х108, cartridge 14.5Х114 is intended for a machine gun КПВ / КПВТ and antitank guns.

And why do they call it “Dushka” at all? Correct phonetic would be “DeShaKa”.
Before they sould have studied the terminology and phonetic transliteration if so.

My bad. Fixed the title and updated the image tag.

Jestertoo, you sure intended to change it to “DShK”.
I meant the people who wrote the article.

My comedy of errors continues

American Slavglish, like Krinkov. And because of the sound it makes.

Yes, it also means one knows what it sounds in Russian. Making up an English sounding word of text only leads to what we see here: experessions that do not exist.
Trying to keep it straight.

Ahh - the most ironic word in the English language.

Out of interest, what is the secret to sectioning a projectile and leaving the AP core intact?


Russians like some of their favorite types of weapons to be affectionately known. That was the case with RGP 40 grenades, they called them “Taniuscha” or BM 8 rocket launchers, called “Katiuscha”. In this case DShK, it was called DuShKa. The author, Leszek Erenfeicht, is from Poland. He knows how the Russians called a weapon, he deliberately used this diminutive :-)



Somehow I never met this term in Russia or the former USSR.

The term Dushka was used by the Afghans, at least this is where I noticed it for the first time.

Buy it already done ;)

I have a milling machine and have sectioned a few rounds, initiators and projectiles but have never tried an AP round. I’d like to give it a go.

In Russian, the spelling would be “de-esh-ka” (“e” like in “never”, “a” like in “darling”). When You say it, it would sound “deshka”, what is quite similar like “dushka” (“u” like “oo” in “wood”).“Dushka” means literally “little soul”, but is used as “darling”, “honey” to a girl.
Some other sections :-) …

I can switch to .50BMG for example) Only import from Ukraine you will do it yourself)