Dual citizenship Ammo

Dutch 6.5x53R KNIL ammo:

New Management:

IJA, Showa 17.8 ( Aug. 1942)

Acquired from Aussie importer from AD ( Indonesian Military)
In 1980s.
Another Part-Can held AI 1937, 1939, and Filled FN22 cases ( Various late 30s dates) in 5 rd. M95 Chargers, in Faux-Woodgrain
Card boxes ( 10 ch.-50 rds), boxes corners strengthened by metal toothed angles. Very " old world"

Ammo despite years of poor storage, still works, and being
ROTH patent primed, is easily
Reloadable ( 5.0mm/ .199" RWS #5005 Primer…no longer available…I have a Substantial stock…
Will open Can in 2022 (80 years from capture and “new management”, and test-fire for reliability and ballistics etc…

I have also several other calibres in sealed cans…Bulgarian 1930s 8x56R Bulgarian v.early 7.62x54R., Spanish 9mm Largo ( only early 50s); early PRC 7.62x25… Brass
" 1953 Trials"…and more.
Sadly, my WWI .303 Battlefield salvage repacks ( 1917 Triangular 7.62 Russian Packets) are almost all gone…sold to other collectors
Or test fired…cases were reloadable back in 1980s…with good anneal…even cordite ones.
( US contract cases nearly all split…Remington were a bit better than others , but not much…no post-form annealing!!!)

Now that Iknow to post Photos from my Samsung 9A, willbe doing it more often.

Doc AV