Dug up cartridge


Today this very sad looking .308 round (headstamp “KYNOCH .308W”) came to me. The guy who does our plumbing dug it up in his backyard a few years ago.

The odd thing is is that it was buried as an inert round, as it has no primer or powder. It also seems to be made from a new case, as the case is fairly clean inside and does not look to have been fired, even after who knows how long in the ground. The bullet is an ordinary British military spec 7.62 NATO GM jacketed lead cored bullet, but was just pushed in a bit. Can anyone tell me when the .308 with this headstamp and boxer primer was introduced by Kynoch? That will tell me the maximum amount of time it could have been there.

My best explanation for how this got there is being lost by a kid playing war, and being simply forgotten about and buried over time.


Someone must know the date when this cartridge (.308 Win, hstp “KYNOCH .308W” with boxer primer) was bought in by Kynoch. The guy who dug this thing up wants to know how long it could have been down there.


Falcon–It couldn’t be more than about 50 years max. The 7.62x51 was developed as a military cartridge in 1955. It would have been a few years after that before it would have been available as a sporting load. Althrough I do have a reference that says Winchester introduced it as the .308 Win. witha sporting load in 1952 before it was standardized as a military load. I beleive Kynoch quit making sporting cartridges about 1968. So, I would say it is probabily 45-50 years old Max. But no telling how long ago it was buried. My father was still shooting Savage brand 30-06 for deer hunting until about 1985. The Savage brand had been off the market since about 1963. So, it could have been buried any time between 1955 and today.


Cheers Ron, I knew there was no way to say when it was buried, but the date Kynoch started making it would tell us how long it could have been there. i think it may be a later round as it is boxer primed, and the other two more modern Kynoch sporting round cases I have (.30-06 and .270 W) are Berdan. I cleaned all of the mud off this thing then polished it up quite a bit. I also removed the bullet. I am going to get someone I know to resize it so it looks like a half presentable round. However, years in the ground has caused copper patching on it, so it will never look like new (not that I thought it ever would). I will anneal this before having it resized.