Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done In This Hobby


Bet you can’t “top” this dumbest thing:

I collected ammo for years before joining the IAA – I missed soooooo much that I would otherwise have learned, and would be much further along my learning curve had I joined when I first heard about this organization.


Well, at least you’ve seen the error of your ways! Welcome.
Where is Squirrel Hill? I’m just west of Valley Forge.


I’m in the same boat as you, Mark51. I started collecting about 25 years ago as a kid, and I had no idea that the IAA existed. After a break in collecting in the late '90s, I discovered the IAA web site about 5 years ago and joined. Now I’m off to my second SLICS in a few hours!

While I regret not getting this or that cartridge over the years when I had the chance, by far my biggest regret is not knowing about the IAA for precisely the reason you mentioned.

Luckily I bought the DVD full of all the journal back issues so I can start catching up on all that I missed!


Chip- The IAA web site and digital back issues were made for guys like you. Glad they help!

Now, go find some youngster and get them interested in cartridges and guns!



I left my crystal ball at home and allowed a very bad first impression with some “names” in the field in a chance encounter to color my perceptions of the organization and the expected atmosphere at cartridge shows, so for 22 years attended none and only went to the IAA show for the first time in 2001.

Thirty plus years of potential friendships and knowledge straight down the tubes because I got my nose out of joint by being snubbed by two self-important characters circa 1972. I’ll always be grateful to the late Denny Rinka, Jerry Hannewinkel and Bill Ballard for convincing me I’d had the misfortune to encounter the two people least receptive to new collectors on that first occasion. SLICS 2001 was 180 degrees from what I would have expected based on the 1972 introductions.

As a group, ammo collectors are an amazing group of extraordinarily fine people; I’m constantly amazed by their caliber.



Ha…“caliber”…I get it!
Teak, if you get to the PA shows, I’ll trade you photography lessons for humor lessons! Deal?

In all (boring) seriousness, we need more face-to-face gatherings in the world of cartridge collecting. Try to get to as many established cartridge shows as possible. Congregate at larger gunshows and ask the promoter to put cartridge people together. Don’t be afraid to organize a “local” lunch & swap-meet, even if it’s only 3 or 4 other collectors. Those kinds of meetings can grow into 30-40 table shows. We all benefit from more people entering into the hobby.


Jon - may make Morgantown. Will be away at Williamsport time; my damn kids keep screwing that June weekend up with graduations, marriages and other trivia.

There’s no question you can use some help on the bloody camera, but what’s this bit about “humor” in trade? You trying to tell me something, dude?